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To Frame or Not To Frame: What are your finishing options?

Hi Everyone

Framing my finished cross stitch projects has been my go-to finish for many years. The flat-ish finish enables me to easily and conveniently display my awesomeness on walls, shelves and other flat spaces. Also, framing can be as low cost or expensive as you want it to be or can afford it to be. Nine times out of ten I will frame my projects myself because I want to improve my framing skills and I’m impatient. However, the one project I have had professionally framed was done very well. The people who framed it had a big challenge on their hands, as I had done a major stitching faux-pas. I had the right measurements for my fabric, however, when I started stitching, I got my horizontal vs vertical around the wrong way and it wasn’t until I had stitched a significant amount of the project, that I had realised that I didn’t have enough fabric horizontally and had too much fabric vertically!

Professionally framed fishing cats project

That said, I like being quirky and unconventional at times. My logic is ‘who says I have to?’ or ‘just because they did it, doesn’t mean I have to!’ So the question is, how many variations, alternatives and options are there to framing?

Alternatives to framing…

Biscornus (aka fancy pin cushions)

I’m starting to develop a love obsession with biscornus. When I first came across them, I was starting out in cross stitch and didn’t really understand how awesome and beautiful they are, let alone how many designs are available!

Strawberry biscornu

Wall hangings

Not quite the same thing as framing your works of art, but we’re getting close. The Youtube clip below by BexBox Stitcher will hopefully give you some ideas!

Clip by BexBox Stitcher – published on 23 April 2018


I’ve been working on my own cross stitch country themed quilt for many years and there are two awesome things about this – 1) it’s nearly finished!; and 2) there are so many different options with quilt patterns, that as long as it turns out the way that I want it, that’s all that matters!

Seasonal/special event decorations

This includes Christmas tree decorations, celebrating the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn), Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, welcome home, farewell, happy anniversary and many other celebrations!

Cross Stitch decoration options from websites, and
Three possible decorations options…


Cards can say as much or as little as you want them to. They can be a way of you saying thank you, sorry, congratulations, happy anniversary, happy birthday, farewell, bon voyage, welcome home, declarations of love, happy new year, happy hanaka etc. The other awesome thing is if you’re feeling a bit stuck, books and magainzes like the Ultimate Cross Stitch Magazine and the Internet more broadly speaking, can provide you with bucket loads of ideas and inspiration!

Bed coverings

Have you ever considered embellishing your pillow cases and doonah covers like the images below?

All of these images have been obtained from Pinterest. Many of these products can be obtained from eBay and Etsy.

For those of us in the know, this has been an option for a while. Thankfully, places like the Fox Collection, provide us with the ability to make our bed coverings unique and colourful.

Name tags and signs with subversive flair

As an introvert, revealing my name to people in anyway, shape or form to people I don’t know and not know how my name will be used, is scary and daunting. If however, you’re attending an event that requires a name tag, creating your own can be a creative way of telling people who you are and that you’re awesome at cross stitch!

Also, if the event allows, why not add your favourite quote, symbol, flower or decorative border to make your name tag even more interesting? The world’s your oyster!

Table settings

What can’t we do with our cross stitch and table settings? The options for us are endless! We can make our tables shine with, table cloths, table runners, napkins, wine bottle bibs and baby bibs to name a few. More ideas can be found at sites like Fox Collection, Needleworkersdelight and OzStitch to name a few!


Reusable bags are one of the most popular accessories a woman can have and it’s all good and well that we can purchase these bags from where-ever they’re available. But what if you could rock one that you made? Or you were able to support someone who could make one for you? Etsy for example is an awesome place to start!

Book covers and book marks

I’m an avid reader and I love writing – I should probably be writing more! Surprisingly though, I’ve not stitched many bookmarks and I’ve never done a book covering. I have however, fallen in love with the image below. Partly because purple is my favourite colour and I love the choices the designer/s of the image below have made and how they have covered the book.

Book cover by Larisa

Honourable mentions

The above list is just a sample of the options available to you. There are soooo many more options for finishing off your projects and the awesome thing is that there are many more websites, tutorials and videos you can watch to help you decide.

My go-to favourites is Pinterest and Flosstube, which has result in the following list:

  • Hands On Design is a website that is all things embroidery – especially cross stitch and I love the possibilities of what we can do with finishing our projects, let alone the projects we can do from Hands On Design! The additional awesomeness is that Cathy Habermann (from Hands On Design) has her own flosstube channel!
  • The Twisted Stitcher – aka Vonna Phiffer has her own flosstube channel as well and does some amazing finishes and she shows us how!
  • The flosstube clip below for example, shows you how to mount your project on artists canvas…
Alternative to Framing Tutorial by Stitcherista – published on Youtube on 22 September 2017

Have I missed anything?

There’s a pretty good chance that I’ve missed some awesome finishes out there. So I would love it if you could let me know what your favourite finishes are and why you love that particular finish – especially if I haven’t mentioned them in this post!

Until next time, happy stitching!

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5 Ways to get your stitching mojo back

Like writers’ block, there are times when I really don’t feel like stitching. The reasons may vary from feeling tired due to family and work pressures to feeling uninspired with the options I have in my collection. Stitcher’s block is totally normal and these are 5 ways to overcome the block.

1.      Have a break.

Having a break from cross-stitch could be just what you need. Do something other than cross-stitch for as long as you want or need. Whether it be learning a new crafty skill or returning to a crafty project you’ve set aside for some time. Alternatively, it could be going out for a long walk or heading down to the shops and treat yourself to a coffee or drink of your choice.

My break from cross-stitch can vary from a few days to a few weeks. During that time, I’ll be playing video games on a range of consoles, writing, scrapbooking or colouring in. I know when my mojo starts returning when I start looking at the patterns and kits in my collection or browsing websites to see what else is out there.

2.      Browse the Internet

Browsing the Net can be a way of seeing what other patterns are out there and what other people have done and are working on. Apps like Pinterest, and Instagram or sites like Etsy not only show a variety of patterns available, but ways in which the finished pieces can be completed (other than framing).

I looooove browsing Pinterest. I have used that site to find motivation for running, inspiration for quilt designs, cheer my boyfriend up with funny and cute dog and puppy pictures, go ‘ooh and aaah’ over amazing landscape photos and cheer myself up with cute and funny cat, kitten, foal and horse pictures.

Other sites I love visiting include:

3.      Join a club, group or forum

Cross-stitching can be as isolating or social as you want it to be. Online or face-to-face groups, clubs or forums can be a great way to catch up with like minded people. Face-to-face clubs, groups or forums include the Embroiders Guild and stitching sessions that your local craft store may hold. 

Alternatively, if you conduct a search on your preferred search engine or social media platform for an embroidery club or forum, you will find that there’s a lot out there. Facebook is one of my preferred platforms and I’m part of the Australian Cross-stitching group. I love seeing what other members post. Whether it be their WIP’s or finishes or questions about cross-stitch, all of it is motivating and inspiring and many of the designs are absolutely beautiful.

4. Attend a craft fair

As introverted as I am and as stressed I feel at times by attending events with large crowds, there’s something about attending a craft fair that I love. It may be something to do with being curious about the changing trends in quilting, cross-stitch, paper crafts etc. or seeing what new products are available to us. I really love attending the annual Canberra Quilt and Craft Fair in August when I can and setting myself a budget and whether or not I can stick to it! Other challenges I’ve set for myself is to find patterns or kits that I think loved ones would like and others that I would like to stitch for myself.

5.      Flosstube channels on YouTube

This is a recent find and I wish I had come across Flosstube sooner. Typing in ‘cross stitch’ to YouTube led me to Flosstube and I’m hooked! In a nut shell, Flosstube is the video version of blogs and face-to-face cross stitch catch ups. Anyone can post clips to YouTube using the Flosstube hashtag (#) and talk about anything and everything cross stitch. I love finding out what Kitten Stitcher and Stitching Jules are up to with in their cross stitch worlds. For me, it’s the way they present to camera and chat away. Check out their clips and you will see what I mean!

How do you get your stitching mojo back? Have you tried any of these ways? Were any of them useful?