WIP’s. FFO’s and FO’s

Hi Everyone.

The aim of this page is to share with all of you what I’m working on (WIP’s), what I’ve finished that are yet to be framed (FO’s) and what I’ve finished and framed or fully fitted out (FFO’s) (e.g. finished as cards, bookmarks, pin cushions, Biscornu’s etc.).

Starting with the projects I’ve finished and framed:

Maps and Mythology – designed by Maria Diaz – appeared in Issue 68 of Cross Stitch Gold Magazine

I stitched and finished this picture about 7 years ago. I had been hunting around for a pattern like this for a long time and when I bought the magazine, I knew that I really, really wanted to stitch it. This picture is also one of the first patterns I’ve stitched on 28 count evenweave fabric and I love how this turned out.

‘If you sprinkle when you tinkle…’ – Designed by Joan Elliott – Appears in Cross Stitch Teddies book by Joan Elliott (C) 2002

I started stitching this picture about 9 years ago when I was visiting my grandparents on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. This picture would be one of the first pictures I would hang in my house that I would move into in August 2010. When I was finishing off the patter, I wasn’t confident in my French Knot abilities, so I used Mill Hill Beads instead. The additional embellishment I did was use black metalic thread instead of the 310 DMC black thread.

Works in progress as of 11 March 2019

I’m actively working on two projects at the moment – one I know will take me a couple of years at least, that I started a year or two ago but paused – my first Heaven and Earth Design (HAED) for my sister’s birthday (see below):

Progress so far – Page 1 3/4 completed and page 2 partly started on 25 count evenweave.
This is what the picture should look like when I’ve completed it.

The next active WIP I started many years ago and have paused it a few times to work on other projects. When I was recently working on the half stitch (aka tent stitch), I forgot how much I enjoy half stitch and how easy it can be to get the count of the stitches a little out of whack!

I’m really excited by how well the French Knot turned out for the bird’s eye in this quarter.
Progress to date on the left and how the picture should look on the right.

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