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Lessons learnt when designing cross stitch charts

Hi Everyone

I’ve designed some free cross stitch charts that are available on the Hot Cross Stitching website.

For one of the chart called “I Count My Lucky Stars”, I thought I was being smart by removing the blank pages, to make it easier to stitch. How wrong was I! I started to stitch this pattern with the use of the Pattern Keeper app and the app did well to try and read the setup of the pattern. I hadn’t fully appreciated until then, the importance of all of the pages being there!

In an ideal world, the pages should appear roughly four pages across by four pages down or something similar to the image below:

Image of pages setup in Pattern Keeper – by Kristen Gawronski

The dashes or lines we see on the screen show where the page separations are, for one of the patterns I have uploaded to the app. My mistake for “I count my lucky stars” was removing the blank pages, resulting in the pages appearing in one long line, as shown below:

Image of long line of pages – by Kristen Gawronski

The positive in this is it’s easy to fix! I’ve still got the original pattern with all of the pages – blanks included! – and I’ve been able to replace the pattern that’s available on the Hot Cross Stitching website. Later today or perhaps sometime tomorrow, I’ll go back to stitching the pattern and make some personalisations, to get it to fit on the fabric I’ve started to use:

Progress after one day of stitching – by Kristen Gawronski

I’ll definitely be doing some ‘frogging’ (aka picking out some stitches) on the letter ‘a’ and most likely the letter ‘d’ too because I’m not happy with the way the font has been charted. I definitely don’t have enough fabric to stich the charted border. But that’s okay because I’m keen to get the words stitched at least, then I can put it in a nice frame and hang it somewhere in my home where everyone can enjoy it!

The letters are being stitched in Cottage Garden Threads ‘Sherbert’ and I’m using DMC’s 14 count printed Aida. I’m not sure what the exact colours are, but they’re pretty. If or when I stitch this chart again, with enough fabric to stitch the border, I’ll be using DMC’s 828 and 3760 (806). I have 5 skeins of each colour that I need to use! The DMC thread 806 is appearing in brackets because 806 has been discontinued and 3760 is its replacement.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


I am an avid cross stitcher. I was first introduced to cross stitch when I was primary school age. Paused for while during my teens and then took it up again in my early/mid 20's and I haven't looked back. To mitigate the amount of time I'm sitting down stitching, I'm a regular member of the gym and I'm a runner. To keep me motivated, I participate in short to medium length fun runs. Which at times feel torturous, but I feel really good at the end of them! With these activities in mind, this blog is about the combination of my experiences with running and cross stitch and encouraging people to think differently about cross stitch - it's not just Grandma's who do this anymore!